Thursday, 6 January 2011

Wigs Galore

Hello twinklies,

I've been wanting to get my special effects / costume portfolio off the ground for ages. I feel it's an easier way to showcase makeup talent - as it's obvious what the difference is! For example making over a girl into someone beautiful is great, but how do you know they weren't beautiful already ??? - people (myself included) always forget to take 'before' photos, these make such a difference when looking at someones makeup talents!
Anyway, I'd got a bee in my bonnet about wigs after my last post, and then disaster (fate?! :) ) struck when I came across this wig website which is so cheap in comparison to a lot of wigs out there, fingers crossed they're good quality!
So I bought the wigs below - there's going to be treats instore for me and Dan haha I can't wait to do these super fun costume looks! :D

Emily xoxo

Edward Scissorhands WigHard Rocker WigCaptain PirateCount Vlad Wig
Avatar Jake WigCleopatra WigGranny WigCorpse Bride WigJessica WigMaterial Girl Wig80's Rock Idol WigGwendolina WigPrincess Fiona WigPanto Cinderella WigVampiress Wig

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