Monday, 24 January 2011

My Makeup Collection

Hello sweetie pops!

So I had a shoot organised at my place for this past Saturday, which therefore meant me and Dan had to tidy and clean the house so it was all lovely, and I had to also organise my makeup properly! Yey! So, I organised a little makeup workstation on the dining table and set up a chair next to it for my lovely model Nina to perch herself on on Saturday.. and lo and behold, here's all my stuff laid out! Enjoy noseying and let me know if you have any questions about anything particular you see! :)

First up are about 30% of my brushes! :) Me and Dan had just cleaned these lovelies ready for the shoot the next day.

Here's it all from a distance :) It's an organised mess haha! Everything that's similar are grouped together in boxes or bags - for example I have a bag full of lipsticks, glosses, stains and lip liners :)

And here it is, my lip bag! :)

I have a box full of false lashes, and boy do I love this box! I've been experimenting recently by wearing two pairs of lashes at once, and I love it! :) I really like Red Cherry Lashes, and Hot Kandi Lashes popped on with DUO Lash Adhesive :) The NYC ones you can see are really good too though, and are from Superdrug for £2 each! Nice :)

This is my palette mountain haha - you can see my Z Palettes as well as MAC ones, a yaby palette and my homemade lip palettes. I also love love love Urban Decay palettes!

Here's my foundation, powder and concealer bag. I keep it in a Cath Kidston bag because it's super sturdy and cushioned, and also just because I absolutely love anything Cath Kidston and flowery! On myself as well as clients I use Loreal True Match with MAC Mineralise Skin Finish Natural and I get super smooth skin that looks super natural too (haha I'm a beautiful skin cheat!). I have really red skin too that gets flushed really easily, but Loreals foundation is so pigmented and long lasting it means I don't need any concealer at all, brill, and no redness shoes through :)

I have a little box of hygiene and skincare stuff where I keep things like primers, MAC Fix+, brush cleaners, cosmetic sanitiser, eye drops, moisturiser, MAC strobe cream, mattifying bases, hand sanitiser, wipes... I try and keep all this stuff in small boxes/jars/packaging as it means my kit is not super heavy, and I'm only carrying essential stuff. Make up and skincare counters are great with handing out sample size stuff, which is also perfect size for my kit! Win :)

Here's my eye bag where I keep my shadows, mascaras, eyeliners, eyelash primers, glitter liners.. anything eye related! I have a few shadows in here but I prefer to use them from my palettes which are organised well into colour groups - so I know exactly where a certain colour is at any one time! That's much better than rooting through this bag looking for an eyeshadow! I also have lash curlers in here, I did have the Shu Uemura ones and I loved them so much, they actually are worth the high price.. but I lost them on a train trip - sadness!

Here's my glitter pigment bag full of the most exciting things! It's like girl heaven in there. I have recently started using pigments a lot, I love them so much! Barry M do good ones but I particularly love NYX! :) I would try MAC ones but from what I've heard NYX are almost exact dupes, so I'd rather get NYX and save myself about £11 per pot! :)

Here's my crafty boxes of fun - they're so inspiring just to rummage through!

And finally a sneak peak into my house, lots of fairy lights, beauty magazines, candles and beautiful flowers! :)

Hope you enjoyed!

Emily xoxo

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